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OASIS-E Section H: Bladder and Bowel

Beth Noyce

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Assessing a patient's condition concerning elimination is inherent to care planning. Be sure you're capturing this vital data according to CMS' guidance to avoid errors that could limit your agency's risk adjustment that can affect payment and online ratings by viewing this short, 15-minute recorded webinar.

OASIS-E Section J, Health Condition

Beth Noyce

Tags home care, home health, OASIS-E

Section J of the OASIS-E holds multiple opportunities for risk adjustment that could affect agency payment and online scores. In addition, the valuable data that is captured there facilitates care planning concerning pain control, fall prevention, hospitalization risk and dyspnea treatment.  This webinar, lasting fewer than 50 minutes, will help you capture the most accurate data for these items.

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Free Download: OASIS-E training sample by Beth Noyce, RN, BSJMC, HCS-C, BCHH-C, COQS, CHAP-Certified Home Health and Hospice Consultant.

Who Knew OASIS-E Could Be Fun?

Beth Noyce

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Teaching about OASIS-E in my web series is so much fun! 

No, really. It is. 

I like helping you guys succeed. You do all the heavy lifting. I just try to help you use the tools you have to your best advantage. Then you can get paid, receive glowing star-ratings online, and most important, provide excellent patient care.

OASIS-E Is Coming. Let Me Help You Prepare.

Beth Noyce

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Join me for well-paced, affordable, virtual OASIS-E education. Just one fee to educate everyone in your agency.