Navigation and Advocacy for Seniors, Caregivers and Families

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Do you wish you knew someone ready to help you understand the new world of Home Health and Hospice? Needing these services can challenge anyone. Navigating your rights and the care you'll receive may feel like learning a new language. How do you know what to expect? Do you wish someone would just guide you through the process? 

Beth can help with that. And you can do this.

Beth has been an end-of-life caregiver in her home as well as an RN providing in-home services for patients. She understands the regulatory jargon and the rules of Medicare that agencies must follow as well as the rights patients have and the importance of ensuring that rights are respected. And she knows first-hand the worlds of hospice and home health.

Beth can help.

Call Beth at 801-673-8258 or email Beth at

Beth will provide one hour of help for free. Maybe that's all you'll need. Otherwise, you can request more help and Beth can continue guiding you.

Call anytime.