OASIS-E Workshop Series

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OASIS-E Workshop Series
Join me for a virtual OASIS-E workshop series.

The six Weekly (except Thanksgiving week), two-hour webinars began November 9 and continue weekly, ending December 21. A December 28 two-hour review, including responses to questions submitted by attendees is just 4 days before OASIS-E goes live – and just in time to prepare your staff to get it right the first time.

If you've missed a session or two, you'll get the recordings to catch you up.

The workshop covers all OASIS-E items, not just what's new, thoroughly, requiring no separate education for OASIS Expert certification. OASIS-E certification is obtainable through registering and taking a certification test at the candidate's local testing center. More information will be available at the time of the Workshop Series.

This OASIS-E Web Series is charged per connection, allowing agencies to educate as many participants as desired in one location. It includes a free recording of each session at no additional charge.

Those who prefer only the recordings can choose that option, but without the discount afforded those who attend all or some of the series live and finish it just in time to rock OASIS-E on January 1, 2023.

Recordings included with live webinars and those purchased separately include pdf handouts that can be kept in electronic format or printed as desired, and are shareable within the organization that bought them. Re-use them for new clinicians, for review when needed, and for ready-made in-service materials.

 Join me! You'll be glad you did. 

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