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Which Home Health Patients May Be Hospice Eligible

Which Home Health Patients May Be Hospice Eligible

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Long-term home health patients can attract regulatory scrutiny, even when their skilled service needs are clearly covered under the home health benefit. Would some of you agency's home health patients qualify to receive hospice services instead of home care?

What do hospice Local Coverage Determinations describe as the signs of a six-month survival prognosis in progressive disease processes commonly treated in home health? How might patients who meet hospice qualifying criteria benefit from hospice more than they benefit from home health, even if they meet criteria for both programs? How can home-health clinicians determine whether patients qualify for hospice care and avoid erroneously moving non-qualified patients to hospice?  And what about the patient who, in spite of progressing disease(s) and refusing further curative treatment, is no longer homebound?

This 90-minute webinar discusses these and other issues to simplify the complexities surrounding home health vs. hospice benefits for patients with ongoing skilled service needs, applying CMS-published guidance about both hospice and home health, including recently updated hospice LCDs.

Recommended for both home health and hospice clinicians, administrators, and clinical leaders.

Recorded live.

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