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Hospice Revised COPs and Interpretive Guidelines Released

Beth Noyce

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The revisions to Appendix M of the State Operations Manual, including new interpretive guidelines are here! 
The changes include the revised survey process for hospices as well as the updated interpretive hospice guidelines. 
Be sure you use this new version to update your policies and procedures. Discard any old copies of Appendix M at once!

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Who Knew OASIS-E Could Be Fun?

Beth Noyce

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Teaching about OASIS-E in my web series is so much fun! 

No, really. It is. 

I like helping you guys succeed. You do all the heavy lifting. I just try to help you use the tools you have to your best advantage. Then you can get paid, receive glowing star-ratings online, and most important, provide excellent patient care.

OASIS-E Is Coming. Let Me Help You Prepare.

Beth Noyce

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Hospice Quality Reporting Claims-Based Measures Q&A

Beth Noyce

So much is changing in the hospice industry I wanted to be sure you saw this October Q&A release for Hospice Quality Reporting measures that are tied to claims and CMS' Annual Change in Medicaid Hospice Payment Rates. Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can help with any of this. Be well and stay safe!BethAttachment: Hospice Quality Reporting Claims-Based Measures Q&A Attachment: Annual Change in Medicaid Hospice Payment Rates Hospice Quality Reporting (QRP) Claims-Based Measures: Questions and Answers (Q&A) CMS has finalized two new claims-based measures as part of the Hospice QRP: Hospice Visits in the Last Days...