ICD-10 and OASIS accuracy training half off. Don't wait. Educate.

ICD-10 and OASIS accuracy training half off. Don't wait. Educate.

October 1 everyone begins using the ICD-10 diagnosis coding updates, then January 1 home health switches to OASIS-C2. So much to learn.
No worries. I've got you covered.
Watch for my affordable OASIS-C2 and ICD-10 update webinars closer to the start dates. But remember the importance of documenting accurately in the meantime.
To help you prepare your staff for what's coming, I've made teaching and reviewing the basics more affordable than ever.
Save 50% on all my  ICD-10 and OASIS-C1/ICD-10 Education recordings at Noyceconsulting.com. They're already marked down. You don't even need to remember a discount code.
Call it a clearance sale, if you wish.

OASIS-C2 and ICD-10 updates are still a few months away. But, Medicare contractors won't wait for your staff to learn the new rules before investigating  current and past claims they see as high risk of billing errors.

Stay out of CMS' and the OIG's headlights. And learn how to be sure your records support the care you provide when they get scrutinized.

At the same time, start improving your agency's star ratings right away—improvements can take as long as a year to show up.

Learning ICD-10 and OASIS accuracy now will simplify and enhance learning this autumn's changes in both areas. Most of the rules stay the same.
Until then, what your clinicians document will continue to affect agency payment immediately, and impact your 5-star ratings 18 months or more into the future.
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Hi Beth, my old friend and boss, I was talking to a friend about charting and other stuff. She reminded me of you, very smart and her charting and Oasis are outstanding. She commented that I needed to chart to what medicare wants. I always trip up on 1850 and 1860 on my oasis. How can I learn to avoid this?

Beverly Dow

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