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Hospice Revised COPs and Interpretive Guidelines Released

Have you heard?
The revisions to Appendix M of the State Operations Manual, including new interpretive guidelines are here! 
The changes include the revised survey process for hospices as well as the updated interpretive hospice guidelines. 
Be sure you use this new version to update your policies and procedures. Discard any old copies of Appendix M at once!
"The revisions are effective immediately although survey directors have 30 days to communicate the changes to their staff," wrote Katie Wehri, Director of NAHC Home Health & Hospice Regulatory Affairs in an email to stakeholders today. "The revisions contain only minor references to enforcement remedies (such as civil money penalties) so we expect additional information related to this area of the survey process will be available at a later date."
Quality of patient care is the focus of the revised conditions of participation with two phases – one focused directly on care of patients and their families/caregivers; the other focused on administrative and operational issues.
The newly revised Appendix M is attached to this message so that you can see for yourself the changes and implement them right away. 
CMS writes all new entries in red italics. Appendix M begins on page 25 of the pdf. It is preceded by explanations for surveyors and a grid outlining the new survey process. This information is at least as valuable to hospice agencies as it is to surveyors.
Would you be interested if I offered, for a reasonable fee, a webinar explaining the new survey process, including the changes? 
Let me know what you think.
Be well.

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