DM and Its Related Conditions -- New ICD-10 Direction

DM and Its Related Conditions -- New ICD-10 Direction

Confused about new diabetes ICD-10 coding rules?

You're not alone.

The newly published direction to code as related any potential manifestation listed in the ICD-10 alphabetical index is a 180-degree turn from what diagnosis coders have done for years.

And then there's the question of how this new information my affect other diagnoses and whether to assume a causal relationship with their potential manifestations listed the same way.

Stay tuned for more information. The American Hospital Association promises to publish more clarification in its second-quarter edition of Coding Clinic. Meanwhile, how do we ignore the instructions in the ICD-10-CM diagnosis coding guidelines and conventions that contradict this?

Explore this with me June 7 as I break it down into how it affects everyday ICD-10 code assignment and documentation elsewhere in home health and hospice patient records.

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