Your Comments Could Revise OASIS-C2

The comment period for OASIS-C2 is now open until May 31, 2016.

Your opinion counts more than you may think it does. Home health professionals know what CMS can't know. -- how OASIS revisions affect patient care, industry standards, and public reporting equity between agencies.

For more information on OASIS-C2, please download my free webinar about proposed OASIS-C2 changes, as well as my free pdf of the OASIS-C2 document.

You'll find CMS' announcement here, along with a link to comment electronically, as well as instructions on other ways to comment.

Download the zipped file here for a copy of the announcement in the Federal Register, document CMS-1045 -- CMS' statement supporting change to OASIS-C2. And you'll find the most current draft of OASIS-C2 data submission specifications here.

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