Hospice Aggregate Cap Report & Overpayment Returns due March 31!

Hospice Aggregate Cap Report & Overpayment Returns due March 31!

Remember that hospices must calculate and report their estimated aggregate Cap to their Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) between three and five months after the October 31 each year. 

That makes the final deadline for the 2015 CAP report March 31, 2016. There's still time to comply. Don't risk payment suspension by filing late.

The hospice provider must also return to the MAC by the March 31, 2016 deadline, any calculated "overpayments"  received, based on the required calculations.

NHPCO's website  provides thorough instructions, including the specific "AGGREGATE CAP YEAR ENDING OCTOBER 31, 2015:  $27,382.63." 

NAHC also published instructions, including links to MAC-specific instructions for aggregate Cap filing here.

The hospice cap is the maximum amount that Medicare will reimburse a hospice provider for Medicare beneficiary hospice services for the fiscal year that ends each October 31. Each hospice calculates its aggregate cap by multiplying the number of beneficiaries who have elected hospice care during the fiscal year by a per beneficiary “cap amount” the CMS determines

Instructions to obtain a Provider Statistical and Reimbursement (PS&R) summary and Hospice Cap reports, and to complete are available to assist you at CMS' FAQs regarding the PS&R, and on each MAC website.

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