5-Star Success Through OASIS Accuracy & COP Compliance

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5-Star Success Through OASIS Accuracy & COP Compliance

Download this bundled webinar series today and start elevating your agency's compliance staff right away. Use the webinar series to help you prepare for you OASIS-C2 Accuracy certification exam.


Lean-in and sharpen your skills! Orient clinicians who are new to OASIS documentation. Review brief excerpts as clinical in-services. Enrich your QAPI program with ready-to-use education to raise the quality of your clinical documentation and to elevate agency compliance level.

OASIS accuracy is a tool to achieve compliance and boost or maintain Home Health Compare Star Ratings.

This course explores how patient care, clinical documentation, the new Conditions of Participation, Medicare coverage guidelines, OASIS-C2 accuracy, survey readiness, and Home Health Compare star ratings are all pieces of the compliance puzzle. The integral nature of these components with Survey or oversight, Payment Reform, Medicare Integrity Contractor Audits (ADRs), and scrutiny by the Office of Inspector General can simplify compliance with regulatory requirements, help capture accurate payments, and prepare agency clinical records to withstand scrutiny. Curious?

View these webinars, recorded live in July 2017 to learn how:

  • To successfully capture accurate patient status, including risk adjustment.
  • To effectively utilize CMS’ OASIS Guidance manual for item-specific guidance.
  • CMS uses OASIS Assessment Items, patient outcomes, process measures, and other data to calculate your agency's 5-Star rating.
  • Documentation in the patient record and throughout the OASIS can support or prevent accurate patient outcomes and payments.
  • Clinical documentation plays into overall compliance with pending Conditions of Participation.

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