Get Paid with a Valid Certificates of Terminal Illness

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Get Paid with a Valid Certificates of Terminal Illness
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Head over to this website to purchase my recorded webinar on creating a valid CTI. My clients will receive a 10% discount when they use the code BETHNOYCE. Don't hesitate to watch this and let valid claims slip through your fingers! Learn now how to create a compliant CTI.

Here's the description of the webinar from the hosts:

Don't let one technical error result in denial. Ensuring payment retention requires valid CTI creation with every hospice admission. In this 60-minute webinar, Get Paid with a Valid CTI, Beth Noyce will talk about what is required for compliant CTIs.

    Session Highlights
    Beth offers tips to keep CTI compliant in this 90-minute webinar:

    • Regulatory compliance references including the Medicare Benefit Policy Manual Chapter 9 – Hospice coverage.
    • Slides showing checklists for compliant CTIs.
    • Samples/examples from Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) websites.
    • Technical errors that can result in denials on your claims associated with CTI
    • Elements of the CTI must each be present and comply with all regulatory requirements

    Who Should Attend

    If you work in a Hospice agency at any position, you will benefit from this webinar. This is especially a not-to-miss webinar for:

    • Hospice agency administrators
    • Hospice clinical directors
    • Hospice medical directors/hospice physicians
    • Hospice billers

    Don't forget to use the code BETHNOYCE for a discount at checkout!

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