FREE Optimizing Your Success with the New HIS Measures

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FREE Optimizing Your Success with the New HIS Measures
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The launch of CMS’s Hospice Compare website later this year will shake up how the nation sees hospice. Your hospice’s scores will be live and online for all to see. Central to your scores is the Hospice Item Set (HIS).

The HIS is not new, but starting April 1, 2017, hospice agencies must begin collecting new and revised data for it. Your entire team must be ready to accurately show potential patients and their families the care your agency provides when death is imminent and the attention you devote to assessing and managing pain.

You may be surprised by some of the new rules about how to accurately capture information for the HIS. The time to prepare is now. And we have a webinar that will help!

Join us for a free webinar — Optimizing Your Success with the New HIS Measures — presented by renowned hospice consultant, Beth Noyce. Beth will help ensure you and your team understand the new HIS reporting requirements so you can avoid mistakes that lead to payment penalties.

Attend to learn:

  • How to accurately document so your Hospice Compare scores will be correct
  • The elements necessary to receive credit for a comprehensive pain assessment
  • Potential pitfalls that can interfere with accurate HIS data collection and prevent your hospice from looking its best

Join thousands of proactive hospice providers across the nation and register for this essential webinar recorded March 28, 2017.

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