09: OASIS-D1 Integumentary Part 2: 1322-1342

Noyce Consulting

09: OASIS-D1 Integumentary Part 2: 1322-1342

Wound care is one of the highest-reimbursed categories under PDGM when diagnoses are coded correctly. Don't miss the opportunity for fair reimbursement by contradicting, or by not adequately supporting the diagnoses on your claim. Learn to accurately assess and document about skin lesions in OASIS-D1.

View my OASIS-D1 and PDGM webinar series at your convenience, presented by me, Beth Noyce, RN, BSJMC, HCS-C.

This webinar is part nine of the webinar series and part two of the integumentary section of the series. I hope you'll join me.  

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