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Free Download: OASIS-E training sample by Beth Noyce, RN, BSJMC, HCS-C, BCHH-C, COQS, CHAP-Certified Home Health and Hospice Consultant.

Who Knew OASIS-E Could Be Fun?

Beth Noyce

Tags HHVBP, home health, OASIS, OASIS-E

Teaching about OASIS-E in my web series is so much fun! 

No, really. It is. 

I like helping you guys succeed. You do all the heavy lifting. I just try to help you use the tools you have to your best advantage. Then you can get paid, receive glowing star-ratings online, and most important, provide excellent patient care.

OASIS-E Is Coming. Let Me Help You Prepare.

Beth Noyce

Tags compliance, HHVBP, home health, OASIS, OASIS-E

Join me for well-paced, affordable, virtual OASIS-E education. Just one fee to educate everyone in your agency.