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CMS' OASIS-C2 Guidance Manual is now available. Download yours at

I know it's super nerdy that I'm excited about this. But then, that's who I am.

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OASIS-C2 replaces OASIS-C1/ICD-10 January 2017, in whatever final form it takes. You can help determine what that final form will be if you submit your OASIS-C2 opinion and ideas to CMS, as long as you do so by May 31, 2016.

Download your free OASIS-C2 Item Set & Video

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Prepare now for OASIS-C2. Download your free OASIS-C2 Item Set pdf, and watch my free video introducing the changes you can expect come
January 2017.
In the spirit of the nostalgic new X-files mini series, the truth is out there. Know it.

OASIS-C2: What's the Scoop?

Beth Noyce

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CMS presents, as its Happy New Year wish, the latest version of the Outcome Assessment Information Set (OASIS) – OASIS-C2. And next year’s “Happy New Year” gift will be implementing the new OASIS-C2 January 1, 2017.

Three new standardized items & ten modified, renumbered items appear in OASIS-C2. The newest OASIS looks a bit different, too. Single data-entry boxes replace check boxes in OASIS-2 for items with only one possible response, and are formatted like Hospice Information Set (HIS) items – a plus for the RN who works in both home health and hospice.