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Hospice Compare is Live!

Beth Noyce

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Check out CMS' new Hospice Compare website that launched Wednesday, August 16.  Hospice Compare displays links to information about the hospice benefit as well as the ability to search for and compare hospice providers' quality of patient care to up to three others at a time and to national averages.  Scores appear in percentages. Now your agency's great efforts through process measures for "Managing pain and treating symptoms" are posted for all to see. Here's Hospice Compare's description of this data. "Hospice staff should identify and provide interventions to address pain, shortness of breath and constipation caused by opioids to improve patient...

Please (Don't) Pass (On) the PEPPER!

Beth Noyce

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Did you get your PEPPER yet?

How does your hospice compare? If you haven't checked since April 10, take a break and find out.

FREE webinar from CGS!

Beth Noyce

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Don't miss out on this new webinar from CGS, partnered with Performant Recovery, to get to know the new Recovery Auditor team for Jurisdiction 15, taking place March 21st from 1pm–3pm MST.

I need your input + FREE upcoming webinar on the Hospice Quality Reporting Program

Beth Noyce

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Here's some great news for anyone that's feeling overwhelmed or confused by the changes in the Hospice Quality Reporting Program. I have a free webinar coming up to help your agency better understand these changes.

In addition to this webinar, I'm hoping to host another 4-hour HIS training in the next few months. I want to know what times would work best for you!

Hospice Quality Reporting Program Info

CMS has released some information about the Hospice Quality Reporting Program. All the information can be found at this link on CMS's website.

According to CMS the "document is intended to provide guidance on HIS-related questions that were received by the Hospice Quality Help Desk during . . . October–December of 2016."