Prepare for OASIS-C2 with my webinar recordings

Prepare for OASIS-C2 with my webinar recordings

Warning: the changes in OASIS-C2 just may blow your mind. The pressure ulcer world turns upside-down January 1, 2017. Don't apply old OASIS direction to OASIS-C2. The rules are changed.

And OASIS-C2 has new and revised items that can affect payment as well as Home Health Compare outcomes and CASPER reports. Successful agencies will educate ALL OASIS-C2-assessment clinicians, auditors, clinical leaders, and diagnosis coders on OASIS-C2 accuracy to avoid these negative consequences.

I want you to receive the education you need affordably and conveniently.

My OASIS-C2 Accuracy webinar series is now available and ready for immediate viewing. At $1 per minute, you can download and view them right away. Your purchase entitles you to view the recording(s) as often as desired, and to share them with anyone WITHIN YOUR AGENCY as well.

Hint: Save a lot by purchasing the bundled set instead of purchasing each webinar separately.

And remember that you can contact me if you have questions on the content.

Happy learning!


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  • I run a medical coding consultancy in New Delhi, India, where we provide medical coding services and training. I have expertise in OASIS C1 , ICD 10 CM (With home health care perspective) training. I would like to know more about your webinar. I am willing to travel to US if I get the opportunity to get a hand on training and work experience as a trainer with you.

    Sneha Bhonsle

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