AHCA favors rich, young people and insurance business

Beth Noyce

AHCA favors rich, young people and insurance business

Tell your senators and representatives you value, and want to save Medicare and keep Americans healthy. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and Joint Taxation Committee (JTC) report that millions will lose health coverage if the American Health Care Act passes as now proposed. It will increase Medicare spending by $43 billion over 10 years, but cut Medicare revenue by almost $120 billion by cutting Medicare taxes for wealthy people.

The CBO and JTC also warn that the legislation would premiums for single individuals insured outside of group plans would increase by 15 to 20% in 2018 and 2019.

Insurance companies would be allowed to charge older people five times the premium amount than younger people, as the proposed legislation would eliminate premiums based on age. And while premiums for younger people would be lower, no subsidies or tax credits would assist low-income folks afford their premiums.

In a giant step backward, the law would require non-group and small-group insurers to charge an extra 30% for premiums when the insured was uninsured for 63 or more days within the past year.

Read more of the Congressional Budget Office Cost Estimate report here.



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